Challenging Times – Part 1

Challenging Times – Part 1

I’m breaking this lengthy post into two.  I have some catching up to do!

The past two weeks have been challenging.  My time, emotions, and mental ability have all been tested recently. As the first of the month crept upon us, thoughts of my mom swirled more intensely through my conscious.  That morning was rough, but I got through it by kneading my way through three gift loaves of cinnamon raisin bread and one pan of cinnamon rolls.  My mom was always making things for other people, so the bread made sense; the rolls were for my family, reminiscent of the times she and I would go to the Backerei (bakery) in New Ulm, Minnesota and get their cinnamon rolls that were almost as big as your head.

One of the last conversations I had with her a little over a year ago was about baking and cakes.  Somehow we got talking about angel food cake.  I said that sometime I wanted to try it from scratch, that–after I got past the shock of using a dozen egg whites–it didn’t seem so bad.  She said, I’ve never made one from scratch.  *short pause*  I guess I never will, either.  She wasn’t upset or sad; it was just one of those strange instances when what is so often said in conversations without really thinking about the implied future possibility (I’ve never done …) suddenly made us stop to think.


My Attempt at Angel Food

And so when my mother-in-law called on her birthday to request a reservation for the futon in our basement for the upcoming weekend, I found the perfect opportunity to do something in the kitchen that my mom never did.  I made an angel food cake from scratch.  And let me tell you, folks, I’m never going to volunteer to do that again!  🙂  There’s a strong case for angel food cake mix in a box–it’s pretty fail-proof.  Angel food cake from scratch–not so much.  I followed the directions and everything, but it turned out short and squat.  Oh, it tasted good!  But it did not have the height that reaches toward the heavens.  However, the whipped chocolate frosting from America’s Test Kitchen was totally worth the extra effort!

Next up… a birthday treat challenge.


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