Striving for Perfection, Part 1

Striving for Perfection, Part 1

It’s been twelve days since my last post.  I’d love to say that my days have been crammed with exciting adventures.  The truth is that, while I’ve been thinking about my blog–for my kitchen is never inactive and America’s Test Kitchen put forth a blogging challenge due by May 10–I haven’t been able to justify putting off tasks for the sake of an hour of writing.  But the mountain of ironing has been leveled, the 68 tomato seedlings have been repotted, the kitchen floor has been scrubbed–twice, the bathrooms have been cleaned, teacher appreciation cookies have been baked, decorated, and given to all the teachers, and here I am.

So, the challenge was to blog about making ATK’s Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, courtesy of Cook’s Illustrated.  Fair enough.  Challenge accepted.  My cookie jar was empty, anyway.  I made the first batch last week with less-than-cookbook-picture-perfect results. 

Why were mine flatter than theirs?  Why did they spread so much and crowd each other when baking?  I followed the recipe, which is not usually my thing.   Now, granted, I used my 10-inch non-stick skillet when I browned the butter, choosing the size over the material, but I was careful to watch the color–I even used real butter instead of my usual Imperial!  I set the timer for 3 minutes to let the batter rest and whisked it for 30 seconds after that.  I did that again.  And again.  Just like they said.  I used a ruler to space them!  They tasted good, were crunchy on the edges and chewy in the center, but were they worth the effort?  After all, they were flat!  Weren’t they supposed to be perfect?!?!

So, what’s a girl to do?  Well, I’m pretty sure my friends at ATK doesn’t get it right in one attempt, so it only seemed right to test it again.  That, and my cookie jar was empty once again.


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