Striving for Perfection, Part 2


 So, after one batch of less-than-Christopher-Kimball-approved-standard Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, I tried it again.  I decided to tweak some of my execution.  I pre-measured all of the ingredients instead of waiting to do some while the batter was resting.  I used my 12-inch stainless steel skillet instead of my 10-inch non-stick skillet.  And when I discovered I didn’t have any more full bags of chocolate chips, I chopped up three Hershey’s Special Dark bars.  Not the exact recipe, but they did ask for creativity!

Pre-measured ingredients & browning butter

Melting butter & batter resting (I rest the whisk like that so as not to waste any of the batter)

Fully-rested batter & ready to go in the oven!


Just out of oven & complete, cooled, & ready for consumption!

  So, it seemed to work a bit better, but they still spread quite a bit.  They were still thinner than I thought they should be.  They didn’t look like the picture in the cookbook. (Such high standards are created by cookbook and magazine recipe pictures! I suppose it’s all in the conspiracy to keep us lowly amateur cooks from thinking we, too, can attain the status of kitchen gods.)  Maybe I just have really high standards for chocolate chip cookies!  🙂

 But they are really good.  Really chewy.  The chocolate chunks–yum!  I don’t know that I’ll make these every time the cookie jar is empty–the recipe only makes 16 a batch and in truth, they don’t even fit in the cookie jar opening!  Or maybe I can divide the batter into more than 16 portions to spread the love–and grocery budget!–a bit, realizing they won’t be the same.  Maybe.  I followed the recipe twice.  And in good ATK fashion, why follow a recipe when you can tweak it to find something better?  I just won’t send any to Chris Kimball unless I improve upon perfection!  🙂 

Again, here’s the link for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, courtesy of our friends at Cook’s Illustrated.  I may not have attained perfection in this endeavor, but I did have some fun.  I have some tasty cookies, some new ideas, and I’m ready for the next ATK challenge!


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  1. I have an amazing choco-chip cookie recipe – I made them for our church garage sale, and we sold out of them by 10:30. I’ve found the trick is to melt the butter and refrigerate the dough. I’ll have to send it to you so you can Betsy-test it. 🙂

    • I have another recipe that’s amazing, too–but it has 4 cups of walnuts and 3 cups of chocolate chips in it, so again, not one I make on a weekly basis. But I figured this challenge would at least give me reason to try theirs. 🙂 They seem to agree that the butter needs to be melted (and the browning does give it a bit more butterscotch-y flavor). I wondered about chilling this one, too.

      • Also, you could try cake flour. That is what Marisa uses in her cookies and they have some height to them! They are also nice and soft.

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