This Week’s Eats – 1/8/12 Edition


Happy New Year! I know, I’m a week late, but better late than never… After what I’d consider a full but not totally chaotic Christmas break, I’m back. The holidays were filled with family, fun, and food. I also found great satisfaction in being able to spend time in the kitchen, crafting and cooking, blending and baking. Bread, cookies, candy, appetizers, snacks and more were enough to add seasoning to the season (and a couple of extra pounds of body cushioning — oh, well! Just protection against the cold of January, right?). Oh, and thanks to the thoughtfulness of my dear husband, I was the happy recipient of the new Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook. 2000 recipes… let the fun begin!

Here’s what we ate this past week. Nothing fancy, but delicious nonetheless.

Monday brought the Rose Bowl which means dinner was comprised of snacks. You can’t argue with tradition!

Cheese Ball, Cheese & Sausage, Cheesy Potato & Chicken Baked Roll-ups, Chex Mix, Kettle Corn, Taco Dip, and Reuben Dip 




Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo




Mushroom, Bacon, & Carmelized Onion and Mushroom, Sausage, & Pepperoni Pizza


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